Raincross Medical Group

At Inland Empire Weight Loss, we have worked closely with all of the physicians at Raincross Medical Group. Obesity is a common problem among people with medical conditions such as Diabetes, Hypertension, and Obstructive Sleep apnea. Inland Empire Weight Loss is proud to work with the physicians at Raincross Medical Group to provide services in Bariatric Medicine to help with weight loss and weight related medical problems.


Obesity Medicine Association

The Obesity Medicine Association is the certifying organization in the field of Bariatric/Obesity Medicine. They are an important source of education and policy making to ensure that medical weight loss is done in a safe and effective manner. Twice each year, they sponsor an educational meeting where national and international experts on medical weight loss and researchers in this field are invited to educate other physicians in this field. The providers at Inland Empire Weight Loss regularly attend these meetings and utilize other educational materials put out by the OMA to stay abreast of the latest techniques used medical weight loss. Inland Empire Weight Loss is the only weight loss clinic in the Inland Empire that is a member who is compliant with the strict guidelines set forth by the Obesity Medicine Associationin order to assure that weight loss is done safely and effectively.


Riverside Community Hospital

Riverside Community Hospital has recently launched a Center for Surgical Weight Loss. Prior to undergoing bariatric surgery, there is often a requirement to undergo an intensive medical weight loss program. Riverside Community Hospital has chosen to work with Inland Empire Weight Loss to provide medically supervised weight loss services on these occasions.


Imagine Plastic Surgery

Imagine Plastic Surgery and Inland Empire Weight Loss have worked closely together since 2008. Some of our weight loss patients who lose a significant amount of weight will develop excess skin on their arms, face, and abdomen. Through our relationship with Imagine Plastic Surgery, we are able to arrange for surgical correction of these problems when they are confronted.