rapid weight loss success

We have helped hundreds of people to lose weight. Our successes have ranged from 10 pounds to more than 100*. Whether you would like to decrease a few clothing sizes or decrease the number of medicines you take for chronic health conditions, let us help you. Here are a just a few examples of our success stories.

If you are a success story and you would like to share with others to help them realize their potential, please send us your before and after pictures to: SuccessStories@InlandEmpireWeightLoss.com.

“TJ” lost 54 pounds*

TJ frequented our office as a sales rep. One day at lunch we were talking and he confided in me that he was starting to have medical problems related to his weight. When he went to his doctor, he did not like the advice that he was given. Basically, he was told to start taking medications and wait for the condition to get worse. I offered TJ an option, weight loss. TJ is one of our star patients. Using the techniques taught in our weight loss program, he lost 54 pounds and ran a marathon. I am very happy to report that TJs obesity related health problem resolved and he has taken his life back.

“Dominique” lost 45 pounds*

Dominique is a member of our staff. When we hired her into the office, she started to see how other patients in the office were losing weight and she decided that she wanted to give it a try. Working closely with our health professionals, Dominque worked through the program and the you can see the wonderful results. If you start our weight loss program, you can always ask Dominique how she did it.

“Stephen” lost over 200 pounds*

Stephen is one of our biggest success stories, quite literally. When he came to us, he was in bad shape. We were treating Stephen for many common weight related conditions. One day I said to Stephen, you do not have to keep doing this, I can help you. At the time, he had trouble getting into his car. He told me that in order to get into his car he had to tie a rope around his left ankle and pull it into the car. At his heaviest he was 464 pounds. When he came into our office, he would come in using a wheel chair. As he started the program, we celebrated each of his succussful milestones. When he told me that he no longer needed a rope to get into the car, we celebrated. When he stopped using his wheelchair and graduated to a walker, we celebrated. When he graduated from a walker to a cane, we celebrated. And when he walked in and out of the office on his own, we celebrated. Stephen eventually lost 264 pounds. Stephen continues to work the program and he continues to walk into the office on his own. Congratulations Stephen.

“Frank” lost over 100 pounds*

“Frank” lost over 100 pounds and cured his diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, and gout*. Watch Frank’s story here.

* Please remember, this is a physician supervised medical weight loss program. Individual results will vary.