When I came to you I weighed around 330 lb., but as of today (Jan 6, 2011), I weigh 227 lbs. Thanks to you I started eating better, I joined a gym and hired a personal trainer. I feel great and I love my new life! The gym even posted before and after photos of me recently. I am not done losing weight. I would like to lose at least another 27 lbs., but now I have the drive and confidence to do it.

Thank you,



I had been steadily gaining weight for almost a year and was frustrated with the failure of the weight loss methods that had worked for me in the past. Finally, in late January, I had the reason for my metabolic change and resulting weight gain. I was diagnosed with a hyper thyroid and put on Synthroid.

I now knew why I had gained the weight and then decided to have a consultation with Dr. Knopke in February 2008. I gave him my health history, including my newly diagnosed thyroid condition. I asked him if he could help me lose the weight and he said “Yes, definitely”. And he did!

After the initial consult, he laid out a program for me that included his meal replacement and exercise plan. With his regular counseling, I worked on my eating habits and most importantly, my grocery shopping habits. I learned how to shop for healthy foods and read labels. I found that I really enjoy eating fresh vegetables and fruits. Eating the right foods was fun and enjoyable. Eating the right things combined with a monitored exercise program worked.

Dr. Knopke helped me reach my goal weight in less than 3 months!

Thank you Dr. Knopke.

Jeanne Aldred

2006 Excerpt from Inland Empire Magazine’s Top Doctors

“My Father was in Dr. Knopke’s care at Riverside Community Hospital during his five week stay in the hospital. If it wasn’t for Dr. Knopke’s caring and dedication, my father probably wouldn’t be here today.”

~Carolyn Hart