This is our best value. It is intended for the person who has recently gained weight and has not able to lose it on their own. Carrying extra weight over many years exposes you to multiple health risks. This is especially so if you have someone in your family with weight related health problems. Allow us to evaluate you for your health risks and let us show you how to lose the weight and feel great.

Plan Details
  • For individuals looking to lose 15-30 pounds
  • Have no current major health problems
  • Reduce future health risks associated with having extra weight.
  • Feel rejuvenated and increase your energy level through weight loss.
  • Start using your skinny jeans again!



This is our most popular level. We find that many of our patients have struggled to lose weight even with an appetite suppressant. Often we see patients from other weight loss clinics who were told to stop taking their appetite suppressent when they stopped losing weight. We see things differently. The appetite suppressant is a tool to achieve a result but it is not the only tool we have! There are many ways to break through a plateau. Ask us how. This is what we do!

Plan Details
  • Our most popular level
  • Address 1 additional established weight related problem during the visit
  • Get to the root causes of weight loss failure when an appetite suppressant alone stops working
  • Common examples of treated problems include sleep, anxiety, and pre-diabetes.



Many of our patients have multiple weight related complications. At this level, we will address 2 additional problems related to your weight. Addressing weight related problems in an integrated and coordinated way is the best way to get to the root cause of weight gain and get you back on the pathway to a more healthy lifestyle.

Plan Details
  • Integrate and coordinate care of seperate problems
  • Address 2 additional established weight related problems during the visit
  • Expedite your weight loss by addressing multiple topics
  • Common examples of treated problems include sleep, anxiety, and pre-diabetes.



This is where we really shine. If you have several health problems and you are taking multiple medications, we can help. Do you have diabetes and you are on insulin? We can get your blood sugar down and take you off of your insulin. Have the costs of your medications become too much? Have you already had bariatric surgery and you have stopped losing weight? We can help you.

Plan Details
  • For complex patients taking multiple medications
  • Manage 3 additional established medical problems related to your weight or…
  • Manage 1 new weight related problem with up to 1 established problem
  • Decrease your chronic disease burden
  • Achieve your goal of decreasing the number of medications that you take



$12 (One Month Supply)

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Each visit comes with a 2 week supply. Extend this out to a month for only a little more. Combine this with our basic program to get our lowest price, just $19.79 per week!



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An EKG as a component of your initial evaluation is important to identify cardiac issues that put you at risk.  We recommend that you get this done prior to starting on the program.  Some issues that we look for include:

  • Past heart attacks
  • Timing problems that may affect your choice of medications
  • Heart strain caused by obstructive sleep apnea
  • Heart rhythms that put you at risk for palpitations (tachycardia)



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Many people lack the ability to absorb vitamin B12 or they take medications which makes absorption difficult. Others like the effect of a little extra B12 in their system and feel a boost of energy. Ask us about this and we can tell you if this is right for you.

Sublingual AMP


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Adenosine monophosphate (AMP) was a previous component of our proprietary lipotropic injections.  AMP contributed to feelings of increased energy.  We now have the product in a sublingual form that you can take with you.  AMP helps to burn fat, increase energy production, stimulate mitochondrial growth, and repair proteins.



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This the the classic combination of ingredients in lipotropic injections which includes methionine, inositol, and choline.  Together, these ingredients help the body to turn fat into energy and are also powerful antioxidants.  This lipotropic formula additionally contains cyanocobalamin or vitamin B12 to help with energy and to maintain healthy nerve cells.



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The MICC ingredients plus a special high dose (3x) of vitamin B12.  Additionally, it also contains b-complex vitamins (B1, B2, and B6) to improve metabolism, improve immune function, and promote red blood cell production as well as carnitine to improve fat metabolism and energy usage as well as to reduce recovery times and promote muscle building potential.

Sublingual Lipotropic Spray


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This is a companion product to the lipotropic injections.  It is a sublingual spray taken daily to aid in weight loss.  In addition to the standard ingredients in the MICC injections, this also contains 3 amino acids, leucine, arginine, and methionine to aid in protein synthesis, blood sugar regulation, combat fatigue, lower blood pressure, and aid in fat breakdown.  Additionally, it contains the vitamins B1, B9, and B12.  It also contains a proprietary blend of natural supplements which include African Mango, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Raspberry Ketone, Grape Seed Extract, and Pine Bark Extract.  This proprietary combination improves energy, improves fat loss and decreases recovery time after a work out.

Meal replacements


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We carry a wide range of products ranging from soups, bars, shakes, and meat sticks. Each is formulated to provide you with adequate protein and low delivery of carbohydrates. If you have particular needs in your meal replacements, just ask us and we can help you decide if this option is for you.

Extra Problem


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Do you have more medical problems than the average bear? Don’t worry, we won’t hold it against you. Let us save you a trip to the doctors office and allow us to take care of that extra problem here.


We find that many of our patients, both men and women, suffer from hormone related problems as a consequence of their excess weight. Like many problems we see related to obesity, unhealthy hormone levels are both a consequence and a cause of weight problems. Often, by subtle alterations of your hormones, we can enable weight loss where you have struggled before. Ask us how this can help you.



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On your first visit we will conduct a hormone based interview to identify causes and potential treatments for problems common to men and women. Additionally, we will recommend laboratory testing to check for hormone levels and processing. Our laboratory testing is designed for efficacy and safety.

For women, we work with a specialty laboratory that will ship urinary sample collections kits to your home. Typically, between 21 and 46 different hormones are evaluated as a component of your personal initial workup and long term monitoring.

For men we offer a blood panel composed of 15 different hormone components on the initial evaluation and 11 different components on the follow-up evaluation. We perform 2 step testing for testosterone deficiency testing as per society guidelines (you will need 2 separate blood draws).

At the end of the first visit, you will be given a hormone prescription, as appropriate and at your option. The medication(s) can be mailed to your home or picked up in the clinic. Each prescription can be compounded to last for up to 3 months. For men, we stock testosterone in our clinic by injection. We can also offer topical testosterone preparations upon request. Appropriate preventative testing will also be encouraged as needed for both men and women.



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Your follow visit will be scheduled according to your individual needs. The appointment can be done as soon as a month or as little as 1-2 years after your last visit. When getting started, we will usually see you back sooner. Each follow-up visit allows us to track your progress to make sure that your symptoms and quality of life have improved.

We also go over testing results and make adjustments to your therapy during this visit. Safety checks are a component of laboratory follow-up visits and are strongly encouraged for everyone. For women we offer urinary hormone testing and for men we will use blood test.

For men, testing evaluates 11 separate components to make sure that your therapy is effective and safe. We also offer treatments to help prevent processing problems with testosterone that can result in an enlarged prostate and growth of breast tissue (gynecomastia) that can often be encountered with typical testosterone therapy.


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One of the big advantages of choosing a weight loss clinic that is run by a board certified Obesity Medicine Specialist is that we can take care of a wide spectrum of medical needs. Whether you have recently gained 15-30 pounds through a pregnancy and you have not been able to lose the weight or you are currently taking multiple medications to treat chronic health conditions such as diabetes or hypertension, we are here to help. We even see people after bariatric surgery who have plateaued in their weight loss. Read about our pricing structure below and decide which program is best for you. If you are cost sensitive, please let your healthcare provider know so that we can shape a program that is right for you. Our least expensive option is our Basic program with an added supply of phentermine to make it last for a month. This comes to less than $19.79 per week! You will not find a better price in the Inland Empire. Our prices as listed are those for established/new patients. Please see our specials page for our current offers. For your convenience, we also accept CareCredit.

woman weighing herself on a doctor scale


PPO, EPO, HSA/FSA, Medicare/Tricare

If you have a fee-for-service type health insurance and medical risks related to your weight, then this is the best option for you. Did you know that most of these insurance plans have excellent coverage for weight loss?  Let us evaluate you for your qualifications to use your health insurance.

For those with PPO, EPO, HSA/FSA or MedicareTricare type of insurance

Significant savings can be achieved over our typical rates*

Typical eligibility criteria include having a weight related health problem and a BMI of at least 27 or a waist circumferance that meets criteria for obesity.

Examples of weight related conditions can be found here.

Qualifying is typically easier than you think.


Established Visits

Body composition analysis to determine your fat, muscle, and water mass at each visit

Progress check to evaluate for ongoing problems

2 weeks of appetite suppressants**

Counseling to facilitate behavioral change

Exercise guidance

Initial Visit – additionally includes:

Complete history and physical to fully evaluate your current health status

Initial workup on health issues that may affect your ability to lose weight

Detailed start-up instructions

Laboratory orders

Instructions on starting appetite suppressants

*Our Basic, Expanded, Expanded+ and Complex visits are also defined by time with the provider on an established/new basis as follows: Basic is typically 10/20 minutes, Expanded is typically 15/30 minutes, Expanded+ is typically 20/40 minutes, and Complex is typically 25/50 minutes. If there are additional problems that are required to be managed during the visit, these will be charged on an established/new basis at $30/$60 per problem. Addressing additional problems may be limited by time and safety as determined by the provider.

**Appetite suppressants dispensed upon physician approval. A prescription for an alternative appetite suppressant may be given in lieu of dispensing a medication. Savings with insurance assumes you have satisfied your deductable. Coinsurance levels vary. Please ask for more details if you have questions.