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Weight Loss Management Programs for Companies

If you are a Human Resources manager or a corporate executive who is looking to lower health care costs within your organization by reducing the chronic disease burden among your employees, then Inland Empire Weight Loss would like to help. We offer a wellness program designed to reduce and improve obesity related chronic conditions through improvements in lifestyle, diet, and exercise. We can work with an individual’s current health care provider to design a program that improves overall health and reduces their medication burden.

If your company offers a shared or full risk environment in providing health care benefits to your employees, then a wellness program such as ours will offer immediate benefits in reducing healthcare pharmacy, medical, and hospital claims. Even if you are not in a shared/full risk environment, employees who are healthier have a decreased disease burden which results in a lowering of medical claims loss and a decrease in corporate health insurance rates. Additionally, if your employees have a reduced weight and improvements in their health, there will be a decrease in absenteeism and an increase in productivity.

Employee Wellness Programs

Dr. Knopke is double board certified in Obesity Medicine and Family Medicine. He is a leader in the field of Obesity Medicine. He has been elected and currently serves as a member of the Board of Trustees for the Obesity Medicine Association (OMA) and is an Assistant Professor in Family Medicine at the University Of California Riverside School Of Medicine. Additionally he is a member of many other related Medical Associations. He has spoken to and taught other medical professionals both locally and nationally on topics related to Obesity Medicine. He also offers a 4th year elective rotation to UCR medical students interested in pursuing a career in the field of Obesity Medicine. He is an active participant in designing continuing medical education (CME) programs on the topic of obesity medicine through OMA.

Further information on Dr. Knopke can be found on his LinkedIn page. Interested parties are invited to send an email to Dr. Knopke at or to call the office directly at 951-774-2723 and ask to speak to Dr. Knopke about options for the corporate program. Dr. Knopke can meet individually with HR managers or other corporate decision makers on a one on one basis to discuss options should there be interest in our program. We look forward to making your employees healthier.